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Why Longhorn Vapor?

Longhorn Vapor is a USA based company which has been providing it’s users with the best accessories of vapes from quite a few years now. Coming from the heart of vaping that is California, Longhorn Vapor is aligned with the interest of vapors and has been providing quality services to them ever since by retailing in brands like Clown E-Liquid. We here at longhorn Vapor deal in various components of Vaping. Having a wide variety of E-liquids, plenty of Mods, a good bunch of kits and accessories. All that along with a choice for you to enjoy the branded life and shop from branded retail variety. 

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor:

Longhorn vapor has more than 30 E-Liquid brands to provide when it comes to E-liquids, having the best of the best brands to offer you like Kilo series, VG Collection, Clown E-Liquids and many more. What makes Longhorn Vapor better than other retailers? Well, we here at Longhorn Vapor believe in providing the best products with the most reasonable prices, over the top you can even get amazing discounts every now and then. Head over to our sale to know about our great on sale products. 

Clown E-liquid:

Like all great E-Liquids, Clown E-Liquids are also based in the US. As the name goes, Clown E-Liquid has been publicized as a bottled nightmare. This Clown themed E-Liquid are not the good kind of clowns but the crazy ones. As implemented by the name, Clown E-Liquid is a psychedelic E-Liquid. It not only provides a diverse amount of flavors but also engages it’s user in a mixed, amazing vibes with every single cloud they make. Clown E-Liquids is a product by bad drips, who also deal in clown themed merchandise.Coming back to the E-Liquids, we here at Longhorn Vapor are currently dealing in two flavors provided by Clown E-Liquids. Namely, we have, Pennywise E-Liquid which has all the primary fruit flavors like strawberry, watermelon and bubble gum. The second Clown E-Liquid Flavor we provide is the Sweet Tooth E-Liquid. These bottles are not only named in a clown themed vibe, but are also designed in one. Clown E-Liquids bottles come in a 30ml dripper style bottle for easy refilling of bottles. Also, Clown E-Liquids don’t add any nicotine to their E-Liquids, so to those who are not into nicotine that much, this one’s for you.Clown E-Liquids are much recommended for those who have a taste for a harder throat hit and strong vapors. It contains a greater quantity of VG (a compound used to make bases). To know other before buying tips check out our main page.