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Longhorn Vapor brings you the best of the best Vaping accessories at the very lowest retail price. Coming from California, you can automatically set your expectations high from Longhorn Vapor. Rest assured, Longhorn vapor is providing quality vaping experience to more than 5 countries. With a large variety of E-liquids, a great number of Mods, wide variety of kits and accessories. To top it all off you can even get amazing discounts every now and then. Head over to our sale to know about our great on sale products. 

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor:

Longhorn Vapor believes in diversity, with that believe it has provided the vaping world to choose from almost 30 different E-Liquids brands. This is what makes Longhorn Vapor better than other vaping retailers, that it does not restrict your choice to a limited number of brands. Along with that it is promised to provide you the best possible retailing prices. Offering you premium brands like Burst Duo E-Liquids, Kilo Black Series, Cuttwood Liquidsetc. Check out all the brands that we deal in.

Cuttwood E-Liquid Origin:

Cuttwood Liquids are basically a USA based E-Liquids brand, Californian to be precise. Although after a huge success In USA Cuttwood is all set to make its marks all over the world. Being a race car themed E-Liquid, the original theme can be seen all of their E-Liquid bottles. Along with E-Liquids, Cuttwood also deals in their merchandises that consists of men and women apparels. 

Cuttwood E-Liquid details:

The Californian based E-Liquids brand, Cuttwood is all about quality, standards and satisfaction. They are devoted bunch of artists that are serious towards making your vaping experience the best one you’ve ever had. They proudly boast their handcrafted E-Liquids that they make to be superior and more advanced in terms of flavor and intensity. All that easily makes them one of the best E-Liquids creator in the heart of vaping that is California.Coming to the product itself, Longhorn Vapor currently offers three of the Cuttwood’s best sellers. Namely, Mr. Fritter E-Liquid which is a fusion of apple and cinnamon, Sugar Drizzle E-Liquid that is a sweeter iteration of the great handcrafted flavor of Cuttwood and Unicorn Milk E-Liquidthat’s obviously a sweeter yet milkier version of their unique taste. Cuttwood E-liquid comes in a darker accent with a black Cuttwood themed sticker on it. This 60ml dripper bottle is not only easy to use but also sufficient for a longer time period for you to use. They currently provide only two version when it comes to nicotine content, either 0mg or 6mg. Sadly there’s not in between for the nicotine content, yet. Head over to our main E-Liquids page to know more about nicotine contents, and place your orders now to avail amazing discount.