Why Longhorn Vapor?

Longhorn Vapor is providing  you with the highest quality vaping accessories from several years. Being based in California, USA, the origin of vaping, Longhorn Vapor has been providing quality services to the vapors streamlined with their best interests ever since its formation. Our core products include various components of vaping. We provide you with a large variety of E liquids (Ex. Ethos Vapor), a large variety of Mods and lots of kits to choose from along with all essential accessories. All that alongside a decision for you to benefit from the branded life and shop from branded retail assortment.

E-liquids at Longhorn:

Longhorn vapor has more than 30 E-Liquid brands to give with regards to E-Liquids, having the most elite brands to offer you like Kilo series, VG Collection, Ethos Vapor and some more. What differentiates Longhorn Vapor from other retailers? All things considered, we here at Longhorn Vapor put stock in furnishing the best items with the most  reasonable  prices, . Go to our sale to  avail special discounts.

Ethos Vapor:

Ethos Vapor brand was founded on the basis of uniqueness & innovation back in 2014 in Netherlands. The amazing Ethos Vapor E-Liquids are made while keeping in mind the ability to withstand the test of time, Ensuring longevity and mass appeal. The products of Ethos Vapors are so mesmerizing that any vapor would never want to miss out on it. Longhorn Vapors deals in Crispy Treats E-Liquid by Ethos Vapors and this flavor is no less than a treat to yourself. Featuring the taste of sweet and chewy marshmallows along with puffed rice, Crispy Treats will enhance your summers greatly. Containing 70 Percent Vegetable Glycerin Mix, It is for all the cloud fanatics who want it all dense and puffy. Crispy Treats is available in 0, 3 and 6 mg Nicotine levels in 60ml bottles.  Confused with the values? Head over to our E-Liquids page and let us clear it out for you. Crispy Treats E Liquid  will come to you in a dropper bottle with a dropper installed, which enables spill protection to minimize any E Liquid Loss which also enables you to refill your tank very easily. Oh, and you have children at home? The Dropper bottle will make sure you don’t have to worry about your Crispy Treat!