Why Longhorn Vapor:

Longhorn Vapor is a Californian Vaping retailing company. We make sure our vaping equipment is up to the highest standard of the vaping world. Obviously, to meet our precious customers’ expectations and be of utmost superiority by retailing in brands like Iscream E-Liquid. We believe in great quality combined with un-matchable prices, hence, all these believes making us one of the biggest retailers in our market. Dealing in a wide variety of E-LiquidsModsAccessoriesKitsTanks and even branded vape components.  We want our customers to have nothing less than peer quality products on minimum prices. The unmatched services combined with the latest tech, what else could be better? 

E-Liquids at Longhorn:

Longhorn Vapor is one of the biggest retailer there is in the vaping market when it comes to the E-liquids. Providing the largest range of E-Liquids there is, which consists of more than 30 brands worldwide. These 30 brands are best of the best, having premium brands like Bazooka E-Liquids, Drip Doctor E-Liquid, Iscream E-Liquids etc. Not only that, but Longhorn Vapor also promises to provide the best E-Liquid brands on the best possible prices as well. Having different varieties when it comes to bottle size, bottle type and even nicotine contents. Don’t know what the nicotine contents mean? Head over to our main E-Liquids page to know about this and many of your other frequently asked questions.  

Iscream E-Liquid:

Now who doesn’t like a cool, chilled ice cream on a hot summer day? Everyone, right? Exactly what Iscream E-Liquids’ creators thought while designing Iscream’s premium E-Liquids. The devotion towards the design of this E-Liquid can be judged by looking at its bottle’s Ice cream cone packing. It can’t be more creative than that, can it?  Handcrafted from the finest talents in California, keeping in mind the general interest of mass vaping community. Iscream E-Liquid has their priorities aligned with their users, that is to provide great quality E-Liquids along with maintained standard. These aligned priorities amplified Iscream’s reputation, and helped them coming in the top names when it comes to the vaping world. Longhorn Vapor is currently offering two of these ice cream themed E-Liquids. First one is Sundae E-Liquid, chocolate filled happiness. The second one is, Strawb O’licious E-Liquid, the Strawberry inspired one. The cone shaped bottles in a 60ml bottles. Also, Iscream E-Liquids are generous enough to give you the choice to choose between different nicotine contents. You can choose from 0mg, 3mg and 6mg versions.