Why Longhorn Vapor?

Longhorn Vapor is the only vaping retailer that puts customer's interests up front. Coming from the birthplace of Vaping Culture, Longhorn Vapor knows exactly what you, the vapors are all about. It has been a key player in providing the vapors with quality products (Ex.Juice Roll UPZ  E-Liquid)  and satisfying them ever since. Longhorn Vapor has aligned it's interests with the interest of vapor's and has been providing quality services to them ever since. We here at longhorn Vapor deal in various components of Vaping. Having a wide variety of E-liquids, plenty of Mods, a good bunch of kits and a lot of tanks and accessories. All that along with a choice for you to enjoy the branded life and shop from branded retail variety.

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor:

Longhorn Vapor has been dealing in premium E-Liquids from quite a few years now and it has been providing quality services ever since. Being dealing in more than 30 premium brands at the moment. Longhorn Vapor is can easily boast itself as one of the very best in the market today. Longhorn Vapor deals in best of the best when it comes E-Liquid brands. Not only does it examine the quality of them; we here at Longhorn Vapor handpick the best products for our customers. All of this just to provide you E-Liquids like Naked 100, Clown E-Liquids, Juice Roll UPZ  E-Liquid etc.

Juice Roll UPZ  E-Liquid:

Talking about myself, "Juice" and "Fruit" would always be the words that click me, interest me, and makes me want to have more. Juice Roll UPZ  E-Liquid, has both of them. Now if you're a person like me, this one's for you. The nostalgic feeling Juice Roll UPZ  E-Liquid gives you by providing you all your favorite fruit flavors as original as they can be. Original fruit flavors combined with your favorite hobby? That's technology for you.We here at Longhorn Vapor are currently dealing in a bunch of these premium, nostalgic flavors from Juice Roll UPZ  E-Liquid. Let's start off with my favorite, Carnival – Berry Lemonade E-LiquidCarnival - Berry Lemonade E-Liquid has all that one could ask for. Tartness of berries and stingy flavor of lemons this E-Liquid will surely become your favorite in no time. The Second one is, Strawberry E-Liquid. One can simply not hate Strawberry. This E-liquid promises you to return those fresh fruity vibes to your vaping experience. Coming to the third amazing Juice Roll UPZ E-Liquid flavor, we have Watermelon Punch E-Liquid for which I think its name speaks enough. Strong Watermelon flavor to amp up your vaping experience coming through!  Next comes, everyone's favorite, Orange-Cherry E-Liquid. For which the name speaks for itself. The most beautiful blend of Orange and cherries there exists, it sure will live up to your expectations. Last but not the least, Blue Raspberry E-Liquid, which offers your the epic yet lasting taste of Blue Raspberries.All of these E-Liquids come in standard 30ml dripper bottles except  Blue Raspberry E-Liquid, that comes in a 60ml bottle option too. Why? Because it's that amazing. Where all of these come with an option to choose your favorite nicotine quantities as 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. Don't know what these values are about? Head on to our main E-Liquids page to know more about them.