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A California based company, Longhorn Vapor, is one of the best Vaping retail points present on the internet today. We at Longhorn Vapor believe in standards, superiority and quality. Anything lesser than us isn’t possible to find on our website. You can find all kinds of vaping equipment here on our website. To highlight some of the key products we offer, you can find a large variety of E-liquids, diverse amount of Mods, great quantity of kits and accessories. To top it all off you can even get amazing discounts every now and then. Head over to our sale to know about our great on sale products. 

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor:

Longhorn Vapor has provided the vaping world with the choice no one else offers. The diverse amount of choices that included every culture, every taste and every genre. Longhorn Vapor is currently offering E-Liquids from more than 30 brands. Retailing in premium brands like Burst Duo E-Liquids, Kilo Black Series, Lost Art E-Liquids etc. Check out all the brands that we deal in. 

Lost Art E-Liquid Origin:

Like most of the E-Liquid giants, Lost Art E-Liquid is also from the birthplace of vape that is California, USA. Lost Art E-Liquids have been retailing their premium E-Liquid in the vape market for quite a long time now, today they are one of the most prominent premium E-Liquid we have in the world.

Lost Art E-liquid Details:

This premium E-Liquid giant proudly boasts it’s fruit flavored E-liquid today just because of the standards they were able to provide. Lost Art E-Liquids are all about luxuriousness, they provide top notch quality with every single one of their flavors which would taste good and produce quality clouds with any tank you use. The artesian product is handcrafted by experts to provide you the quality that no one can, and every single one of their flavors are created to score. As the name implies, Lost Art E-Liquids have art themed bottles which standout quite a lot as compared to others.Coming to the products it self, Longhorn currently provides two of Lost Art’s best selling liquids. Namely these are Slotter Pops Grape White E-Liquid, that is grape flavored E-Liquid with a slight touch of sour in it to mix things up a bit. The second best seller product is the Slotter pops E-Liquid which is again a sourly E-liquid mixed with a fruity flavor. Lost Art’s “pop” series are all about that same old, Popsicle styled E-Liquid, a bit of fruit, sour and everything nice. It is available in a 30ml unicorn bottle for easy refilling. Plus, giving you a great option to choose the nicotine quantity according to your liking. They provide 0mg, 3mg or 6mg nicotine levels. To know more about what these nicotine levels mean, check out our E-Liquids main page.