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Longhorn Vapor coming directly from the birthplace of vaping i.e. California, to integrate your vaping experience with world’s best products like Mad Hunter E-Liquid. We here at Longhorn Vapor are devoted towards providing you the best vaping products there are for you. Why? Because we care for you. We deal in all types of vaping components be it kits or mods either E-liquids or accessories you name it, we have it all. Along with the diverse amount of variety to choose from, we offer standards no one else can. Every single one of our deliveries are shipped with all our love and devotion towards our customers. Order now to get free same day delivery on orders above 50 dollars.

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor:

Longhorn Vapor currently have the widest variety of E-Liquids to offer to its retail market. Offering almost 30 different brands to choose from, we assure you, you won’t be out of choices, ever. Not only that we offer a great variety of E-Liquids but what makes us even better are our prices. Lowest prices and great variety, awesome no? To top it all off, we are now offering special discounts too. Retailing in premium brands like Burst Duo E-Liquids, Kilo Black Series, Mad Hatter E-Liquids etc. Check out all the brands that we deal in. 

Mad Hatter E-Liquid Origin:

Mad hatter E-Liquid is originated from a place where vape culture has been for quite a few time, but still developing every single day. Yes, you guessed it right, Mad Hatter E-Liquid is a UK based Vaping company which believes in providing great quality vaping experience to the rest of the world. 

Mad Hatter E-Liquid:

Mad Hatter E-Liquids are hand crafted from the Mad Hatter himself. It is said that he not only love the vapers, but he loves his E-Juices too. That is exactly why he named his E-Liquids with a pattern. You’ll know the pattern when you see them for yourself. All of the Mad Hatter E-Liquids have been created with utmost devotion towards their customers, keeping in mind what satisfies them. I think it is safe to say Mr. Mad Hatter care for us, no?Coming towards the product, Longhorn Vapor currently provides two of the best seller from Mad Hatter E-liquids. The first one is I love cookies, which is obviously a cookie flavored E-Liquid with a taste of milk and dough inside it, just like granny used to make, delicious. The second best seller that Longhorn Vapor will be providing you is the I love Taffy, which is again, so obvious fruity flavored, peaches and with a hint of creamy happiness to be precise. Now, I love Cookies is offered in 30ml size. Don’t worry, a larger size is available in I love Taffy, see the pattern I was talking about? Mad Hatter also offers you a choice while choosing your nicotine contents, offering 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and even 12mg nicotine quantities. Don’t know what these levels mean? Check out our main page to know more about nicotine levels.