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Why Longhorn Vapor?

Longhorn Vapor isn’t just another vaping retailer in the market. It is to date one of the biggest retailers there is. Originating from the heart of vaping culture that is California, USA, you sure can expect great things from this vaping giant. Dealing in a wide variety of E-Liquids, Mods, Accessories, Kits, Tanks and even branded vape components. We here at Longhorn Vapor (link to page) believe in superiority and standards. Providing amazing quality services, we promise to make your vaping experience as unique and as uplifting as possible. Not only that, we offer great discounts too. Check out our Sale items to avail amazing discounts.

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor:

Longhorn Vapor has been a major player when we talk about E-Liquids in the vaping world. Being one of the biggest E-liquid retailer there is, Longhorn Vapor proudly boasts it’s 30+ variety of E-liquid in store with you. The amazing, yet diverse variety of E-liquids promise you to provide you with the best of the best E-Liquid, and the most premium E-Liquids there are in the market. Providing E-Liquids like Drip Doctor Collection, Kilo series, One Hit Wonder E-Liquid etc. Longhorn not only provides its customers with the finest of E-Liquids, but also has in store a great unmatched price for them too. To top it all off, E-Liquids offers discounted prices on them too. So hurry up, grab your favorite E-Liquid right now!

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid:

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid has come a long way since it's hit E-Liquid flavor, Muffin Man, in 2015. Since then, their ride has only been uphill to the point they released seven of their "man" series. One Hit Wonder E-Liquid promise to provide you with the finest quality ingredients and pure sheer quality of their products. They promise if to amp up your E-Liquid experience as much as they can. One Hit Wonder E-Liquid has their selling point in the fact that they use TruNic 100%  nicotine in their E-Liquids. Which is a nicotine that is grown and extracted in the heart of vaping, that is USA.Longhorn Vapor is currently dealing in two of One Hit Wonder E-Liquid's best sellers that are namely Milk Man that contains that beautiful sweet strawberry flavor blended with milky cream to boost your taste-buds. The second one if none other than the one and only Muffin Man, the flavor responsible for the reputation of One Hit Wonder E-Liquid. It all started from this little vape toy. Muffin Man e-liquid is made from Apples and Cinnamon Muffin, perfect combination, no? One Hit Wonder E-Liquid flavors come in a large 180ml bottle with two additional 15ml Unicorn style re-filler bottles too. How amazing is that? Both of these beautiful flavors come in 3 options in light of nicotine flavors, 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. Order them now to get amazing offers from Longhorn Vapor.