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As the vaping culture increased worldwide, the number of vape users increased too. Since then, Longhorn Vapor has been devoted towards providing extreme quality to the vaping community. Working it’s way to the top, today Longhorn Vapor is one of the leading retailers in the Vaping world. Coming from the heart of vaping that is California, Longhorn Vapor(link to main page)  has kept its priorities aligned with the interest of vapors and has been providing quality vaping products (Ex. Royale Vapery E-Liquid). Namely, Mods, Kits, Tanks, E-Liquids and various vaping Accessories. All that along with a choice for you to enjoy the branded life and shop from our branded retail variety.

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor

Longhorn vapor has more than 30 E-Liquid brands to provide when it comes to E-liquids, having the best of the best brands to offer you like Kilo series, VG Collection, Clown E-Liquids and many more. What makes Longhorn Vapor better than other retailers? We at Longhorn Vapor promise to deliver best products  for unmatched prices. Over the top you can even get amazing discounts every now and then. Head over to our sale  section to know more about our great offers on  products.

Royale Vapery E-Liquid:

Now who doesn't likes bakery products huh? Royale Vapery E-Liquid (inspired from Bakery) is a USA based E-Liquids brand whose sole purpose is to provide quality E-Liquid products to the vaping community. They proudly boast their E-Juice manufacturing standards, and hence owning the name "Royale" Vapery. They claim to make all their E-Juices at the highest standards of cleanliness and germ free. Other than that, what makes Royale Vapery so Royal is the type of nicotine they use in their E-Liquid bases. For their E-Liquids bases they use, the highest quality USP Kosher certified VG & PG. Along with that FDA approved flavoring tops it all off. Don't know what VG and PG stands for? Have a look at our E-Liquids main page to know more about these terms.We here at Longhorn Vapor provide 1 Royale Vapery E-Liquid. That is namely, Cookies and Creme E-Liquid by Royale Vapery. As portrayed by its name, the famous combination of Cookies and Creme contains a great blend of freshly baked cookies and sweet cremes. Many of them out there have tried this combination, but I think it's safe to say that Royale Vapery has aced it this time. Cookies and Creme E-Liquid by Royale Vapery comes with a dropper bottle which makes it even easier to refill your Tank without spilling any of your favorite E-Liquid. Also, it comes in a large 100ml bottle with only two nicotine iteration options, the 0mg  and a 6mg one. Order your Cookies and Creme E-Liquid right now, and get a chance to avail special discounts.