Why Longhorn Vapor?

If you're looking for a hub which has all your favorite vaping equipment, that too on  incredible prices. Longhorn Vapor is just the right place for you. We at longhorn vapor believe in providing top notch vaping products, and never compromise on quality. As we have aligned our priorities with those of customers and it has worked wonders for both customers and of course us. Dealing in all major vape equipment like Mods, Kits, Tanks, E-Liquids (Ex. Spirit E-Liquid) and various types of Accessories. Longhorn vapor have them all. Not only that, but we offer branded assortments too, check out our brand page to know more about it.

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor

E-Liquids is an essential part of a vaping experience, the better your E-Liquid is the more you'll enjoy. People behind Longhorn Vapor understand this very well and hence have a extremely wide variety of E-Liquids at your service. All the premium brands and their flavors handpicked by our experts just for you. We deal in more than 30 brands that included 150+ different and all kinds of flavors for you to choose from. Premium flavors like Kilo Series, VG Collection, Spirit E-Liquid etc. So what are you waiting for, head on to your favorite E-Liquids page and get on with your best vaping experience yet. Don't forget to check out sale page  to get benefited from tremendous amounts of sales offered at Longhorn Vapor.

Spirit E-Liquid:

Spirit E-Liquid has all those suspicious vibes to it, and it sure does live up to that name. A surprise with every puff, and a intensity in with every inhale, Spirit E-Liquid has it all. People behind Spirit E-Liquid are determined to provide the best of the best quality products to their customers, with utmost superiority. Hence, they live up to their motto "Keep the Spirit UP with Spirit Vape! Our refreshing liquids will surely help you to do so." Spirit E-Liquids have their unique taste as they provide you the original sub-continental essence of Tea through their E-Liquids. Amazing, isn't it?Currently, Spirit E-Liquid has released only three E-Liquids, quality over quantity huh? Since all of their products are extreme quality when it comes to taste and intensity, Longhorn Vapor deals in all three of them. The first, Awakening Spirit E-Liquid, has a dark outfit for its name. Statistically Awakening E-liquid by Spirit Vape is the infusion of black tea with lemon. The second one being Balanced Spirit E-Liquid, which is like most of the balanced E-Liquids are, a great  balance and harmonious union of green tea with bergamot and mint. Last but not the least; The Harmony Spirit E-Liquid, having harmonious vape juice with the primary flavors of Jasmine and Milk with Tea infusion.All of the Spirit E-Liquids come with a 70 to 30 proportion between VG and PG respectively. Along with that, all of them are available in 35ml small bottles with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine concentrations, respectively.