Why Longhorn Vapor?

Since the rise of vaping culture worldwide, Longhorn Vapor has been at the top of its game. Longhorn Vapor is one of the biggest retailer when it comes to Vape components. Our core values include, satisfying our customers and providing quality products. We deal in products like E-Liquids (VG Collection), Mods, Kits, Tanks and Accessories. Now, having a goal to satisfy our customers, we make sure that we do our best in being the best. We offer discounts on hundreds of products. Head over to our Sale page to know more about our discount price.

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor

We, at Longhorn Vapor deal in best quality E-Liquids. We believe in providing you with the best t E-Liquids, eliminating the filter process for you. Hence, we've handpicked our brands and filtered down their best E-Liquids at one place for you to pick from. Filtering down the quantity from thousands to just 30. Yes, we offer 30 of the most premium brands out there with their 150+ top notch E-Liquids. Longhorn Vapor has them all. We have premium E-Liquids like Bazooka E-Liquid, VG Collection, Whip Cream etc. So what are you waiting for, get on with your E-Liquid buying and amp up your E-Liquid experience right now!

VG Collection:

VG Collection  has a set of different sides of satisfaction filled flavors. One of our best selling E-Liquid, VG Collection is definitely one of the best there is in the market. What they did better than others is that they combined all the best things in the world, and mixed them with the Vape Culture. Chocolate, Ice, Fruits and what not, you name it and they have it. The idea behind this best seller was to give all the perfect essence of life under one roof, where you don't need to worry about different brand names and different details. VG Collection has all your favorites under it.Currently, Longhorn Vapor deals in 6 of these amazing E-Liquids. All of them exploring a new side of your taste buds. First off we have, Sweet Escape E-Liquid, which by its name suggests is  a sweet and tart candy flavor that will please the sweet tooth in all of us. Secondly, Paradise Island E-Liquid which comes with a tingle of Strawberries, sweetness of bananas with a dose of cream. Next off, Fuzzy Navel E-Liquid, having the delicate selection of the Finest peach extracts combined with the hint of Orange, and a drop of cream. Then we have, Forbidden Fruit E-Liquid. The finest selection of blackberry extract steeped to perfection. Its great texture and aroma leave your mouth watering. Last but not the least we have, Dark Temptation E-Liquid, Having that darkness of the chocolate along with the creamy sweetness. And finally, Abominable Snowman E-Liquid, which is obviously a chilled E-Liquid with a mix of Mint in it. This particular E-Liquid is Maxed VG in nature, hence only to be used with a rebuildable atomizer.All of these E-Liquid flavors come in 35ml quantity bottles along with giving you an option to increase your nicotine contents up to 12mg. Lesser nicotine version like 0mg, 3mg and 6mg are also available.