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Longhorn Vapor has been one of the few giants in the vaping world today. Providing world class services in retailing all essentials for vaping lovers. Longhorn Vapor deals in E-Liquids, Mods , Accessories, Kits and Tanks  (Ex. RBA Tanks). People behind Longhorn Vapor are a bunch of creative vape enthusiasts who know nothing but to provide quality products to the vape lovers and contribute their part in this ever growing vaping community.  We don't only have the best quality products, but what makes us different and better than everyone else is that we provide them in unmatched prices too. To top it all off, we provide on and off sales on all of our products too. So what are you waiting for? Check out our Sales Page and avail the amazing opportunity.

Tanks at Longhorn Vapor

Tanks being one of the most important component in an E-Cigarette requires a lot of attention while buying. What is your preference, what is your purpose of vaping and how often do you vape are some of the questions one might ask before buying a new Tank. However, Longhorn Vapor isn't limited to options. We provide Tanks of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Sub Ohm Tanks to RBA tanks. You name it we have them all. Not only that, we also deal in all the major brands who provide these tanks to you, go check out our Brands page to know more about our branded assortments.

Buy RBA Tanks at Longhorn Vapor

For those who don't know what RBA Tanks (link) are, RBA stands for Rebuildable Atomizer. RBA tanks basically allow you to rebuild your atomizer. This rebuild can allow you to change the Drip tips of your Tank, the Coils of your Tank, the Airflow and even the decks used. All these to let your make that perfect combination of vaping, just the way you like. Currently Longhorn Vapor is providing two of the world’s best RBA Tanks. First  is  the world famous brand Morpheus, the Tank is named Morpheus RBA Tank which offers different tips to custom your Vape and advanced airflow system to let you control your cloud density. Other features include Cooling Tip Ring and large tank capacity of 4ml. Followed by OBS ACE Tank Atomizer Black with RBA  which offers a large tank too of 4.5ml. OBS ACE Tank comes with an RBA head which is fully DIY and allows you try on different Drip tips and keep the one which suits you the most. Other than that, OBS ACE provides smaller resistance of 0.5-0.9 Ohm which means a larger power output can also be expected out of the stainless steel and silica body.