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Longhorn vapor is one of the few giants in the vaping world. Providing Vaping essentials to thousands of people world wide, Longhorn vapor is well known for its vast variety in all Vaping components. People behind Longhorn are a bunch of creative vape enthusiast who have made it their mission to provide you, the vaping community with the very best products. We deal in E-Liquids, Mods , Accessories, Kits and Tanks  (Ex. RTA Tanks). Along with that we provide retail in all the major brands too, to check out the brands we deal in, have a look at our Brands page

Tanks at Longhorn Vapor

Tanks are one of the main components when we talk about vaping in general. There are different types of Tanks in the market today, as the technology evolved, Vape Tech caught up with it too. Today you can see most advanced technologies and mechanics used in the making of different Tanks. RDAs, RBAs, RDTAs and what not. Good news for you is, Longhorn Vapor deals in all kinds of Tanks. Not only do we provide a vast variety of tanks but we also have them in the most feasible prices as well. To top it all off, we offer sales on them too. Check out our sales page to know more about them.

Buy RTA Tanks at Longhorn Vapor

RTA Tanks are basically Rebuildable Tank Atomizers(link), which provide you the option to customize your Tanks just the way you like them. RTA Tanks consist of a deck, a Tank and a chimney and it allows you to customize just the deck. Different RTAs have different customization for deck where most of the RTAs allow you up to 6 customization decks. Like all rebuildable tanks, RTA also either have a clear transparent tank or a metal chassis, however the build quality is almost the same as others. For example, Ijoy Combo RDTA Tank comes with a transparent body but on the other hand Theorem Atomizer RTA by Wismec & JayBo comes with a metal body.