Why Longhorn Vapor?

Longhorn Vapor has been providing quality Vaping products to a mass community for quite a few years now. As the vaping culture grew, Longhorn made sure none of your Vapers have to ever worry about refilling your arsenal when it comes to vaping. To date, Longhorn Vapor has been working day and night to bring all essential vaping equipment to your door step. We deal in all major counterparts of vaping, Namely, Mods, Kits, Tanks, E-Liquids and various vaping Accessories. All that along with a choice for you to enjoy the branded life and shop from our branded retail variety.

E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor

Longhorn Vapor deals in almost all major brands of E-Liquids (link to main E-Liquid page) having more than 30 different brands for you to choose from. We here at longhorn Vapor are proud to say that we offer you brands like Kilo series, VG collection, Bazooka series etc. Along with that, we make sure your get the best buying experience too hence we have the best possible prices for our E-Liquids at Longhorn Vapor.  So the best brands, with the best retail price. What can be better than that, a sale? We’ve got that too. Head over to our discount section to check out amazing discounts.

Saltee E-Liquid:

Saltee E-Liquids is a USA based E-Liquids brand that is devoted towards providing the most premium yet unique experience to its customers. People behind it handcrafted it according to the interest of mass community along with love, hard work and great quality. Saltee E-Liquid  promises to blow of your mind from satisfaction of its fluffy clouds and flavor filled throat hit. It has been carefully crafted to give its users the worth of their money and time, but most of all it provided unmatched satisfaction and that uplift you need to get your day going. Having a bad day? Order your favorite Saltee E-Liquid  now!Currently Longhorn Vapor is dealing in 2 of the most premium Saltee E-Liquid  Flavors. First one is, El-Kapitaan E-Liquid By Saltee E-Liquid, which has that sailor vibes to it. Having a strong throat hit, El-Kapitaan makes sure you get enough of the tobacco you need to get your body moving. The second one is Icebergh E-Liquid by Saltee E-Liquid. Which is the exact opposite of its previous sibling, El-Kapitaan. Icebergh E-Liquid has that cool essence to it, provides you the refreshment you need to kick of your mornings. Both of these E-Liquids are strong when it comes to nicotine contents, so if you're one of the strong hitters, this one is for you. Saltee E-Liquid flavors come in a 15ml small dropper bottle but with nicotine levels touching the skies with 25mg or 50mg nicotine iterations to it.