Shipping Policy Page – LongHorn Vapor

Longhorn Vapor aspires to cater each one of their customers in the best possible manner. Although, it is our utmost wish that we can deliver all the orders right-away but that is not practically possible sometimes.

Here we have listed a few details about our shipping policy and when you can expect your products to be delivered at your doorstep.

Generally, order confirmations are sent via email immediately you place an order on our website. If you did not receive a confirmation email even after 15 minutes of placing the order, please check the ‘Spam’ folder. Ensure that the email address you have used is correct, check for spelling mistakes etc. If no confirmation email is sent still, you can contact our customer service representative and we will get to the root of the problem.

Once your order has been confirmed, it will move on to the next processing state. If the products you have ordered are not available, it might take a bit longer – we will notify you via email.

Schedule of delivery of products

Any order that is received earlier than 1500 EST from Monday to Friday will be shipped on the same day. Any order that is received later than 1500 EST from Monday to Thursday will be shipped in the first half of the next day. Any orders that are placed on Fridays after 1500 EST will be delivered to you on the next business day in the first half. All orders which are placed on the weekend will be shipped on the next business day (which is mostly Monday if there is no public holiday). All the orders that are placed during the holiday season will be processed on the next business day. Although, at Longhorn Vapor – we ensure that your products are shipped as soon as possible but sometimes because of bulk orders or unforeseen conditions such as harsh weather can become a reason behind the delay of your order. But don’t worry as soon as the condition improve, we will ship your order right-away.

The schedule can also sometimes vary according to the holidays of the state.

Delivery Services used by Longhorn Vapor

As a result of the pact act taking effect, Longhorn Vapor will be switching to ground shipping in certain states.

Note: It needs to be noted here that although Longhorn Vapor takes immense care of your products, we cannot guarantee that the carrier services will show the same care towards them. If there is any problem with the packaging of your products or they seem defective, Longhorn Vapor will not be held accountable for the damage.

Shipping rates

Due to Pact Act requirements, all orders will now need an adult signature.
Hence the flat rate shipping price has increased to $18.99 and free shipping will now be available for orders over $100.

Know the regulations of your State

It remains the sole responsibility of the customer to be well-aware about the rules and regulations of their state when it comes to placing an order regarding e cigarette products. If the product is either prohibited in your state or there are extra charges or delays in the delivery due to this, Longhorn Vapor will not be held responsible.