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As all of us would agree on the fact that E-Liquid are one of the most crucial variable in making or breaking one’s vaping experience. Hence we have done the hard work of researching for you. Longhorn Vapor has in store one of the largest databases of E-Liquid brands, with some of the most premium and popular brands from around the world, we would make sure you never get out of options. We provide premium brands like Silverback Juice Co, ADE E-Juice, Bazooka Sour Straws and many more. To check out the all the brands of E-Liquid we deal in, check out our Brands Page now.

Silverback Juice Co at Longhorn Vapor

Silverback Juice Co is a bunch of people crazy for Vaping. With the young blood rushing through their veins, they leave no stone unturned while providing you the best quality E-Liquids. Their moto, “Crafted with California love, Distributed with Texas pride” gives all sorts of messages on how much heart they have been putting in providing you the most superior E-Liquid ever made. Currently we provide only two of the bestselling E-Liquid from Silverback Juice Co. First off, we have the Bobo E-Liquid. This one amazing blend of grape juice with a kick of freshly picked blueberries that naturally creates an amazing mouth watering sensation. The Bobo comes in a large 120ml dropper bottle along with all three basic nicotine variants. The 3mg, 6mg and the no nicotine one. Secondly we have the Lola E-Liquid which offers An exquisite concoction of ripe strawberries and banana notes, infused with dragon fruit extract. The Lola like its brother is again offered in a 120ml dropper bottles and all three nicotine variants (0mg, 3mg and 6mg).