Smoktech also known as SMOK, is an electronic cigarette manufacturer which focuses mainly on the product design. It is best known for high quality products, innovations, and excellent customer service. Smoktech brings new experiences for the vapers through continuous R&D and has a series of patented products so far. Its Dual coils, Telecopic Mechanical MOD and Vmax/Zmax have transformed the whole industry into a new era. It has released its first advance personal Bluetooth vaporizer, SMOK BEC Pro, which makes the SMOK a market leader in innovative and intelligent Vaping devices.

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Smoktech is known for many reasons, Retailing, research and development of E-Cigarette technology being few of them. But that's not what the Smoktech guys are known for. The IVPS technology they developed in 2010 has everyone still talking about them. Not only have they mastered in  IVPS, but the response from the consumers has been amazing too. Coming from the vaping giant, Shenzhen, Smoktech definitely has their mark on the market. Longhorn Vapor is currently providing almost all of their best selling products. Starting off with the all famous TFV12 Series which includes the Smok TFV12 Prince Tank , SMOK TFV12 Prince Q4 Coils 0.4ohm, SMOK TFV12 V12-Q4 Coils. All of these TFV12 series products have made a major mark on the market, hence, being Smoktech’s best sellers. Other than that, Smoktech’s babytanks, TFV Starter kits and Temperature Controlled Box Mods are a hit too.