Study: Adults Prefer Sweet Vapes Over Tobacco Flavors

Study: Adults Prefer Sweet Vapes Over Tobacco Flavors

Study: Adults Prefer Sweet Vapes Over Tobacco Flavors

A recent study conducted by the researchers of United Kingdom at the Centre for Substance Use Research showcase that adults prefer sweet vapes flavors over tobacco flavors. The study used the survey data from 2016, which consisted of information from 20,000 frequent vapers. The study was done to see the flavors preferences and patterns among the American vapers.

The study was led by Dr. Christopher Russell, it was not his first study regarding the subject of vaping. The researchers after eliminating duplicate responses and the responses, which were given by vapers outside of the US, were left with 20,836 surveys.

The participants were divided into six categories. The largest category was of ‘switchers’, it comprised of 75.9% of vapers. They were people who were regular smokers but have now quit cigarettes and started vaping instead. The second largest group was ‘former-smoker e-cigarette users’ at 11.9%. These were the people who had first quit smoking and then started vaping.

Out of the total data, only 7% if the participants were actually dual users, meaning they smoked tobacco cigarettes and also vaped.

In the year 2016, the flavor priority for vapers who had started sweet vapes around 3 to 5 year back is tobacco. On the other hand, vapers who recently switched to vaping neither choose tobacco nor mint/menthol flavors. According to the researchers, “Since 2013, fruit-flavored e-liquids have replaced tobacco-flavored e-liquids as the most popular flavors with which participants had initiated e-cigarette use. The proportion of first e-cigarette purchases that were dessert/pastry-flavored had also increased consistently, from being ranked fifth most common first flavor prior to 2011 to being ranked third in the past 12 months.”

When it comes to groups, the never-smoking group has the highest numbers when it comes to choosing fruit flavors. As vaping is establishing itself in the market, more and more people are simply trying vaping instead of first smoking and then doing the switch.

Among all groups of vapers, the categories of dessert/pastry, fruit/fruit beverage and candy/sweets/chocolate were the most popular flavors. About 40% of the total vapers liked to have a mix of two or more flavors in vaping.

Dual vapers who were smoking and vaping were not much interested in tobacco flavor either as only 15.9% of the participants preferred tobacco flavor. 16.93% selected menthol/mint flavor as their favorite one.

In the group ‘switchers’, 14.8% of the individuals preferred tobacco flavors whereas 14.3% of the participants preferred menthol/mint.

On the contrary, the FDA keeps on finding more ways and forming regulations to ban the different flavors of e liquids. The FDA has already tried once to ban all flavors except for tobacco and menthol in vaping products. The study showcases in detail that vaping is actually helping smokers and chain smokers in quitting tobacco cigarettes and choose a far better and healthier option.

It is hoped that the FDA takes into account studies like these before banning all the flavors by thinking they are making vaping ‘less appealing’ and ‘less addictive’.

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