What are Vape Tanks?

Before we dive into other details, let's first know what vape tanks are. Vape tanks  are the larger compartments you see in an E-Cigarette. They are basically the body of your E-Cigarette. Having the duty of holding your Coils, E-Liquids and Wick too. As these are the most important components in an E-Cigarette body, you need to have enough information about it to get the fullest from your E-Cigarette.

What are RBAs?

RBA stands for Rebuildable Atomizers. These are tanks for which you have a choice to build your own Atomizers or Tanks, having your preference in mind while creating it.

What are RDAs?

RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer. As the name suggests, RDAs can allow you to customize your atomizers (Tanks). While each and every model out there has different shape and size, RDAs give you more freedom in choosing your Vape style. While some people like larger room for Coils and other like deeper wells for saturating their wick, if you're one of those people, RDA is the thing you'd want.

What are RTAs?

RTAs are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers. RTAs give you the opportunity to rebuild your tank just the way you want. Having Coils, Wicks, E-Liquid compartments according to your liking, what else would you want?

What are Sub Ohm Tanks?

Sub Ohm tanks are basically those thanks which have a coil with less than 1 Ohm of resistance. Why would you have lesser resistance in your coil? Well, according to physics, the lesser the resistance, the greater the power output. Greater power output means you'd have a stronger flavor, harder throat hit and fluffier clouds, now who wouldn't want that?

What are Clearomizers?

Clearomizers are one of the newest innovation in the vaping community. They consist of a large transparent body which allows you to see the amount of E-Liquid left in your Tank. Also, Clearomizers come with a Silica wick, which not only lasts longer but gives better flavor too.

Diversity of Styles we Offer

Longhorn Vapor offers all different shapes and sizes when it comes to Tanks. Having the options clear to you from all angles, we offer RDA, RTA, Sub Ohms, Clearomizers and what not. Not only these different type of tanks, we have a large variety of stock.