Temperature Control: A gimmick or a necessity?

temperature Control

Today, in this article we are going to talk about the new function in Vaping devices that has received a lot of popularity in 2015, Temperature Control. We will look at its benefits, drawbacks and aim to see whether it is really a must have function in the Vaping Devices to come.


We can say for sure that 2015 has truly been the year of the “temperature control” in E cigarettes as all the top products have almost come out with this function preloaded. But the question is what is ‘temperature control’ and why as vaping enthusiasts, should we bother about it?

What is Temperature Control?

After going through the ‘Temperature control’ literature we find that the main benefit its supports claim that it offers is the element of Safety. Let us dwell further in this area. For that we need to know more about the chemical known as “Formaldehyde”. When the PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) in the E liquids are heated to a high enough temperature, the chemical formaldehyde molecules are released.  And according to a research published by Portland State University regarding e-cigarettes, the chemical formaldehyde is produced while vaping which is harmful to human beings as well as animals.

Another thing that has probably happened with almost all the vaping enthusiasts out there is the dry hit you get which is horrible experience. This happens when you are vaping for a long time and the wick starts getting drier and drier as time passes. As the high temperature from the coils gets to a high enough point, it starts burning the wick and that is when you get that horrible dry hit.

Now there is a small complication over here, the temperature control function needs a nickel wire to work. The reason is that as nickel is heated by an increase in voltage, its resistance increases at a rate which is directly proportional to the heat increase. The Temperature controlled mod modifies the voltage as the resistance in the nickel coil changes aiming to keep the temperature set at the desired value.

The benefits!

Nevertheless the ‘Temperature Control’ feature aims to fix two of the above mentioned issues. They control the temperature as mentioned in the last paragraph so that it remains in your desired limit making sure the cotton does not burn keeping you safe not only from the dry hit and its terrible experience but it also decreases the chance of the chemical Formaldehyde being produced making vaping a lot safer than before. We all know it is a lot safer than smoking, but these technological advancements are decreasing what small risks there were left and we are confident that with the amount of investment, interest and research in this booming and innovative industry the small ill effects will be made negligible very soon.  So it is safe to say that Temperature Control is a safety feature which also significantly enhances the vaping experience, essentially getting rid of the risk of getting a dry hit.

Some Considerations

That said, there are still some considerations over here. The nickel wire used is a bit fragile and also more expensive than the ones that were being used before in the market. But we are sure in this booming industry where research is happening 24-7, these small issues will be eliminated very soon. Furthermore, some people are allergic to nickel so that has to be kept in minds when using such a device.


All in all we can easily say that Temperature Control is a very useful feature that increases the safety and enhances the vaping experience of the user. And it is here to stay! In fact looking at the many choices for temperature control mods that vaping enthusiasts have in the market these days, many companies are already building replaceable coil heads using pure nickel wires so that they can be used with Temperature control devices. Now we would not like you leave you hanging after telling you about all the benefits of Temperature Control Mods without recommending one now, would we? That is why we think you guys should check the Kratos 60W Temperature Control Mod which is the latest high tech Temperature Control device out there. It is the most compact device available with solid features and very reasonable price. Some other Temp Control Mods that you can purchase from Longhorn Vapor Co are IPV 4S 120W, iStick 40W, Joyetech eVic VT 60W, iPV3 Li V2 165W, Sigelei 75W and some others as well.

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