Things You Should Know Before Buying a Mod

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Mod

Without a doubt Mods in an E-Cigarette is the most important thing, after E-Liquids of course. Hence, we  are here to guide you about the things you need to know before you get yourself a brand new Mod. Before we dive into the details, let’s get to know what a mod is and  why  is it important in your vaping life. A Mod is basically an E-Cigarette peripheral that connect the battery to the vaping coil. That is of course the basic functionality of  E-Cigarette Mods.

Things to know before buying a Mod:

  • What are your needs

Before your get yourself a brand new Vape Mod, you need to ask yourself, what are your needs? Do you need the mod to monitor the temperature i.e Temperature Control Mods? Do you need it for the sake of bigger battery i.e Box Mods? Do you need it to know all the technical details i.e Digital Mods or Battery Style Mods? or do you just need it just for the sake of simple vaping i.e Mechanical Mods?  

  • Are you a person who understands tech?

All these new Mods nowadays are filled with futuristic tech. I mean a simple Digital Mods has a computer chip installed inside it which monitors all the action going inside your Mod. It obviously has a display on which it displays all that it is calculating and monitoring. Now if you are one of those few people for whom all the numbers being displayed are just some random numbers and all the symbols like Ohm mean nothing to you, these futuristic gadgets are not the one you want.

  • How often do you vape?

The amount of times you vape during a day adds up a lot of things you need to look around when buying a vape Mod. If you vape more often and your E-Cigarette barely gets time to breath the whole day, you might want to consider the battery size your mod can support. You might want to go for a mod that supports a larger battery to give you enough juice to vape all day long.

  • Do you like it simple?

You might be asking the question that what if you don’t want a complicated Mod like Digital Mods or Temperature Control Mods or even Box styled Mods, what can you buy. Well the answer is the Mechanical Mod. Mechanical Mods are simplistic Mods designed to keep all the action as simple as possible. It connects your battery to your coil, no calculations done, no tech involved. Added benefit of Mechanical Mods might be a greater throat hit and larger clouds.

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