Top 5 Hot Selling E-Liquid and Juices

Top 5 hot selling juices

Vaping being the new trend worldwide, but if you’re new to vaping and E-Liquid world don’t worry Longhorn vapor being one of the largest brand to deal in your favorite hobby has got you all covered. If you’re new to vaping, or even a bit familiar with the ideas of vaping you’d still want to know about the best and the hot selling vaping juices nowadays, this post would be serving you for exactly the same purpose

1. Kilo Series

The award wining kilo E juice series is one of the most fine, premium and sophisticated E-Liquids out there. Where as Kilo promises us dedication, creativity, patience and what not, the reviews say about this premium brand no less. As per the demand, Longhorn Vapor provides it’s valuable customers a wide variety in range when it comes to Kilo premium E juices making it a Hot selling brand worldwide.

  •  Kilo Black

the name, Kilo black comes in a jet black E-Liquid bottle, currently LongHorn Vapor deals in 3 different flavors, the Honey Creme, the Milk & Cookies and the Birthday Cake all in 60ml bottles.

  • Kilo White

Kilo white, like it’s siblings follows the theme and has a milk white bottle. All packaging of Kilo White E-Liquid comes in 60ml bottles and LongHorn Vapor currently deals in 4 flavors. Namely; White Chocolate Strawberry, Marshmallow Crisp, Icecream Sandwich and Cinnamon Roll.

  • Kilo Moo

Going an extra mile for creativity? Kilo nails it every time, Kilo Moo series also come in 60ml bottles with cow textured caps on. Longhorn Vapor is currently offering you a wide variety of range including Coffee, Vanila Almond, Strawberry Milk etc. You can check our whole range for Kilo Moo series here.

2. Naked 100 Series
Naked 100 E-Liquid Series revolutionizes your taste buds, with their vision of having natural fruity flavor. It mainly focus on simplicity. With not much hype created by the products but promising to create the needed hype and excitement with it’s taste. Naked 100 Series, as mentioned above has their hands over a diverse number of flavors, namely Azul Berries, Go Nanans, Naked Unicorn, All Melon and many more, find them all here

3. Jam Monster E- Liquid

When a vapor first hears the name Jam monster, the taste of citrus bursting in their mouth. Jam Monster Collection of E-Liquids promises a great sourly flavors and at the same time to justify your price with it’s quality. Although Longhorn Vapor is currently offering it’s valuable customers a less variety to Jam Monster collection but we assure you they are the best of the best. Currently, we’re offering you Apple Jam, Blueberry and Strawberry from the Jam Monster Collection you can view them in detail here.

4. VG Collection

VG collection are more likely to fall into the same category as Naked 100 E- Liquid series, but with a more exotic approach. Flavors like Sweet Escape and Paradise Island instantaneously sets that premium vibe and some sophisticated aura to it. So don’t wait to take that extra step for pleasure and satisfaction. Visit our website and order your favorite VG Collection E-Liquid now! You can find all flavors that Longhorn Vapor is currently offering here.

5. Burst E Juice

The Burst series means strong flavor, but that does not mean it’ll interrupt your enjoyment along the process. With their vast variety of fruity flavors. Burst are known to be generous when it comes to providing great flavors. As imposed by their name, the burst of natural fruity flavors they offer are known to be as satisfying as it can be. Other than that, it’s packaging itself speaks of the spectacular essence provided by Burst series, coming in 60ml unicorn bottles for each flavors.  Click here to find out the Burst E-Juice flavors Longhorn Vapor is offering currently.

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