Vaping Helps Put Out Cigarette Litter

does vaping help quit smoking

For anyone who does not know the difference between vaping and smoking, it is only natural for them to confuse the two and question, ‘does vaping help quit smoking’. Let’s start from the basics; vaping is the act of inhaling vapor. On the other hand, smoking a cigarette means to smoke a tobacco cigarette.

While a vapor can be made of different types of materials that are used to create an e liquid, a tobacco cigarette like its name, consist of tobacco. E liquids are not mysterious liquids rather they are typically composed of four components: VG, PG, nicotine and flavorings. Nicotine is not an injurious element as this is also present in inhaler, only regulated amounts of nicotine if found in e liquids. Flavorings are the reasons why your vaper friends can vape a banana-flavored e cigarette or milky chocolate one. It is again safe.

Tobacco cigarettes, although are anything but safe. They have nicotine and have the cancer-causing agent called tar. Tar is the reason why smoking is a direct cause of smokers getting lung cancer and other diseases related to lungs and mouth. Another problem is that people  who are used to smoking have breaths that smell of tobacco. Even when they’re not smoking, the smell won’t leave them. Even the people in the surrounding of smokers are not safe. The smoke of tobacco cigarettes is injurious for anyone who is near and is breathing in the same air as the smoker.

Studies have also shown that smoking can result in stiffening of arteries and even result in a heart attack. Excessive smoking damages the mouth of smokers and even their taste buds.

This is the reason why smoking is not allowed in public places and buildings. It pollutes the public environment and affects even non-smokers. Vaping is different. Countless studies have been done in the past decades to show that vaping and smoking are worlds apart. The vapor is neither injurious to the vaper himself nor to the people around him. Studies also show that vaping does not affect health in any way. If you are vaping and get severe headaches, it might be because you have done too much vaping or you are allergic towards VG. Try taking a break from vaping and see if your headaches rest or not. Also trying using an e liquid that has less ratio of VG in it and see if it helps with your headaches or not. Another good suggestion is to keep yourself hydrated when you are vaping as dehydration might also cause headaches.

Cigarette Litter & its problems

While most people do talk about how cigarettes are ruining the health of smokers, only a few ever pay head to the cigarette litter when the truth is that majority of smokers do not think twice before leaving cigarette litter in a place. According to Keep America Beautiful (KAB), although the number of cigarettes being smoked by American is pretty low compared to earlier years, cigarette butts still can be found in every nook and corner. They are the most commonly littered item in the United States.

The reason why cigarette litter is hazardous for the environment is that the core of cigarettes is formed of a plastic called cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is an extremely slow element to be degraded in the environment. It takes around 18 months to 10 years for a cigarette butt to be completely decomposed. They are fully toxic and can damage anything with which they are in contact.

Does vaping help quit smoking?    

There is enough evidence in the world today to prove this statement right. Vaping helps smokers in quitting smoking and choosing a healthier lifestyle. It helps smokers to keep a control of their urge to smoke by giving them an absolutely safe option.

Vaping does not only help smokers but it also helps in keeping the environment free of tobacco, its smoke and also cigarette littering. As more and more people are now vaping and leaving tobacco cigarettes, the waste of cigarettes will also reduce in the coming years. It is not an exaggeration to say that when more people will choose electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes, less number of cigarettes will be sold, which will result in less amount of cigarette littering.

Electronic cigarettes play an active role in keeping the environment neat and clean and the industry understands that everyone shares the responsibility of cleansing it for ourselves. As statistics show that people are quitting smoking with one of the main reasons being switching to vaping, it won’t take a lot of time before the cigarette waste will also be reduced and the environment will become safe for everyone.

With vaping, it is a win-win situation or smokers who are quitting smoking and for everyone who wants to have safer and cleaner environment.  

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