Where to find Vape Liquid Cheap for NFL season?

vape liquid cheap

Introducing Five E-Liquids for New NFL Season

NFL season is around the corner. What better way to celebrate the season than with a handful of new e-liquids. You’re probably a fan of vaping or a pro vaper if you’ve searched for some new flavors and landed here. Well, you’re in the right place. What is the connection you might ask, of vaping and NFL? Well, you’re a fan of the season and you want to enjoy the games with your vaping buds. And you’re looking for vape liquid cheap, which is why you’re in the right place. NFL is National Football League played by pro-football teams from around the world. The show primarily has an American and European audience. The season started in September (6), 2018 and will end with Super Bowl LIII, which is the league’s championship game, on February 9, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re planning on sitting at home after work and enjoy a good beer with a smooth session of vaping, we give you 5 atomic flavors to soothe your senses and get you ready for the game.

Where to find Vape Liquid Cheap for NFL season?

Not really introductory, but comparatively new to the market are three Moo flavors. Moo, as you know, is a big and successful producer of e-liquids. You can catch their drift passing by every second vaper. They knock your socks off with not spicy but more supple and smooth flavors, mostly with hints of milk. Hence the name Moo. Their ‘cow’ logo on the e-liquid bottle does the trick before you even buy. You can get this vape liquid cheap by contacting them for a subscription or a quote from their website. The flavors than come in by Moo E-Liquid Vanilla Almond Milk and Moo E-liquid Banana Milk. Others include Blueberry Milk, Strawberry Milk and Neopolitan.

Details on Moo E-Liquid Vanilla Almond Milk and Moo E-Liquid Banana Milk

Moo E-liquid’s Vanilla almond is a wonderfully crafted almond, vanilla and milk blend. When inhaling, you can take in subtle notes of vanilla and then exhaling is complemented with light notes of almond. The VG to PG ratio is 70/30 so you can get a good idea. Depending on your need of nicotine levels, you can select the flavor quantity from 0MG, 3MG and 6MG of nicotine and to cater your needs in a better way it comes in bottle of 30ML size. You can almost never get tired of the smooth taste which keeps you interested in the football game on your television.


Banana Milk on the other hand is a delicately blended liquid of ripe and tasty bananas and sweet smooth milk, from Moo E-Liquid. The VG/PG ratio for this banana milk flavored liquid is 70 to 30, giving you an idea what the ratios can get you a mix of. Inhaling this tantalizing flavor comes with a sweet and creamy taste of milk while on exhale you will experience beautiful and subtle notes of banana flavor. Moo e liquid banana milk is available in a 30 ml bottles and you can select from 0MG, 3MG and 6MG of nicotine strengths form various vendors and e-liquid providers. You might want to get you hand on this subtle beast instantly as it is in high demand due to the kick-off of the football season.

Finally, staying here with Moo for one more new edition; Strawberry Milk flavor. This flavor is for the winners and while the other vape flavor cheap, this flavor is a little expensive. Strawberry Milk is a liquid from Moo E-liquid which mixes juicy and delectable strawberries with smooth and subtle milk creams. You take in a puff, inhaling in and giving yourself an experience of the taste of ripe strawberries and the exhale is different and is accompanied with sweet and creamy notes of milk. This liquid is in stores recently and perfect for your NFL Season in your cozy couch and is available in different nicotine levels such as 0MG, 3MG and 6MG and is contained in a 30ml bottle for your long-term vaping pleasures.

Looking at Other Options for New E-Liquids for NFL Season

Burst flavor brings in a quite literally a burst of flavor with its two new flavors. First up is Straw-burst e-liquid flavor. This is like candy none. When you get a bag of fruit-flavored candy, what do you do? Do you tear the pack open and sneak out all the pink, blue, green and strawberry flavored ones before anyone else can get to them? If that sounds like your candy life, this should be adapted into your vaping life. Straw-Burst e-juice from Burst E-Liquid is going to be a smooth juicy fruity dream come true for you today. The sweet essence of strawberry is the most striking part of this candy vape juice. When you take your first puff of Straw-Burst, inhaling in the raw strawberry smoothness it’s like taking that first bite of a chewy strawberry candy before breaking down and popping the whole handful of candies into your mouth. Tantalizing it is indeed. The thick, full exhale spirals out in a dense smoke and hangs in the air like taffy pulled right before your eyes. We know we are making this quite a scene but we can’t help it, it is that good. Straw-Burst has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio and an intensely candy-licious flavor, so whether you’re a cloud chaser or a flavor chaser, you’re going to dig this vape juice nonetheless. Comes in all the varieties of quantities as others.

Finally we have Sher-Burst E-Liquid by Burst E-Liquid. Sherbet can be a tough word to pronounce but a flavor of the same could be heaven. There is no denying that sherbet is delicious. It is like liquid candy. Sher-Burst E-Juice takes all of your favorite sherbet flavors and mashes them in a vaping experience for the ages. The delicious squirt of lemon and lime is softened by intensely sweet strawberries and a bath of orange sherbet.

So in short:

  • Moo E-liquid Banana Flavor: Smooth and Silky flavor of Bananas and Milk
  • Moo E-Liquid Vanilla Almond Milk: Same great taste of Vanilla and soothing Almond milk
  • Moo E-Liquid Strawberry Flavor: Strawberries, what else would you ask for
  • Straw-Burst E-Liquid by Burst: Burst’s premier e-liquid for candy flavor lovers.
  • Sher-Burt E-Liquid by Burst: Sweet and tangy in all the right ways.
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