Why 18650 is Best Battery for Vaping

If you have been doing vaping for some time, chances are you know the importance of a good battery. If you want to have an exceptional vaping experience, you need to have exceptional batteries. In other words, batteries work as engines, which drive your vaporizer. Batteries are encased in vaping mods. There are two types of vaping modes available in the market; built-in battery vapes and removable battery vapes. When it comes to professional vapers, they usually go for removable battery vapes as they are safer to change and are more versatile. There are a number of batteries available in market that enhance your vaping experience and make it worthwhile. But without a hinge of doubt, 18650 is the best battery for vaping. The battery is 18mm thick and 65mm in height. Typically, an 18650 battery produces 3.7V and will shut down automatically is the battery has reached 4.2V. 18650 batteries are lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The four main qualities that categorize a battery as ‘good’ are found in 18650 battery. Here are the four reasons why no battery beats 18650 battery when it comes to vaping. Let’s take a look at them: Capacity The capacity of an 18650 battery is high. Battery capacity is measured in mAh (milliampere-hours). The measurement tells how many milliamps can be withdrawn from the battery at a certain amount of time. If a battery has a capacity of 2500mAh, it means that you can draw 2500MA from it in one hour. Current rating The current rating of an 18650 battery is high. Amperage is defined as the amount of current, which battery offers at one time. If a battery has a current rating of 1 amp-hour, it means it can supply continuous current of 1 amp for an hour. The higher your battery’s current is, the higher will be its wattage output. Current rating is also crucial as the battery should deliver the current without getting the vape overheated. Operating temperature 18650 battery has a low operating temperature. When a battery explodes, it obviously leaves a bad impact on vaping. When vape batteries get overheated, in other words their temperature get risen up – you can end up in hospital. This is why, the temperature of a battery is very important. Extreme temperature cannot only be unsafe for you but also negatively impact the lifecycle of your vape battery. While buying vape battery, focus should be on getting cool temperature batteries. High voltage While you are vaping, the battery should have high voltage to be hard-hitting.  As far as unregulated and mechanical devices are concerned, high voltage means that more current will be delivered to the coil. When coil will have more current, it will convert e-liquid to vapor more quickly and will thereof give the vaper an amazing experience. For regulated devices, high voltage refers to the battery not having to work hard. Here again, 18650 battery provides vapers with high voltage. There are a number of different 18650 batteries available in the market. Manufactured by different companies and with unique specifications, 18650 batteries give the ultimate experience of vaping.

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