Wismec manufacturs uniquely designed, creative and outstanding electronic cigarettes. It manufactures both new and original products. Some of the most popular product lines of Wismec are Venti, Skyladon, Presa 40W mod, and el grande RDA. The products of the Wismec are cost effective and durable. Wismec designs its products in the United States of America which are very famous among the vapers all over the world.

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Longhorn Vapor has been one of the major influencers when it comes to dealing in vape essentials. Coming directly from the heart of vaping culture, California. Longhorn Vapor knows exactly what standards they need to provide to satisfy their customer base. People behind Longhorn Vapor have aligned their priorities along with those of their customers to give them the best possible customer service ever. E-Liquids , Mods, Kits, Tanks and Accessories. Not only that, but we have a one of the largest database of brands (Ex. Wismec) from all over the world too. To check out these premium brands head over to our  Brands Page now!

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As the vaping community grows worldwide, we here at Longhorn Vapor increase our database too. We are proud to boast one of the largest Brands Database in the vaping community. Longhorn Vapor has done all the work for you and gathered all the major brands from around the world. We deal in the most premium brands like Pioneer4You, Wismec and Joyetech. Not just that, we have shortlisted their bestselling items too. All that under one roof. How good is that? To top it all off we offer sales on all these brands too. Check out our Sales Page to know more about these sales.


Wismec  has become popular in recent times, mostly because of their highly creative and innovative ideas in the Mods category. Surely, one of the finest and most efficient Mods we have today in the market. Not only do their Mods stand out, but their Tanks, Kits and other Accessories have their own share too.  Wismec makes all their designs in USA but the manufacture plant is based in China, hence a superior quality design and product quality can be expected from them.   Currently, Longhorn Vapor is dealing in 2 of their best selling Vape kits. Which are namely, WISMEC Reuleaux RX2 20700 200W Kit, which gives you upto 200W of amazing power output, secondly we have the Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 300w Kit, which takes the game beyond amazing, 300W power output at your service. Other than that, we have Wismec TC Mods, Motiv Pod Cartridges, Replacement Coils. All of these products are made from utmost quality and superior yet aesthetic designs which promise to make your time memorable.